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Blossom Birth - Fertility, Birth, and Postpartum

The journey to parenthood is very personal and wholly unique. While there is a universality to the process, trusting yourself, cultivating a strong support system, and staying healthy are some of the most important elements for success.

Blossom Birth is a workshop designed specifically to help parents-to-be and their support systems discover their strengths, blind spots and and practical needs using the tools of Yoga and Ayurveda. Utilizing breathing techniques, physical exercises, nutrition, and emotional release practices, participants at any stage of the process (even those working through fertility issues) will walk away with a tool box full of relevant and sustaining information.

This workshop is for you if you are:
Trying to conceive
Teaching or supporting pregnant/ postpartum people
Experiencing difficulty with your pregnancy (physical, emotional, or mental)
Interested in learning the physiology of birth and engaging in a way that will support you in delivery (or in your teaching!)
Looking for techniques to ease labor and delivery
Curious about postpartum and how best to prepare (or support!)
Interested in developing a birth plan with your partner / support person
Open to holistic techniques for your overall physical and emotional wellbeing
Wanting to meet others like YOU

Week 4: Partnership - Asking for and Receiving Support (partners encouraged to come!)

Earlier Event: October 18
Slow & Steady @Sama Yoga
Later Event: October 25
Slow & Steady @Sama Yoga