The ancient women healers knew that the body is more than what is seen. They respected the wholeness of body, emotions, mind and spirit, saw the Goddess within all Be-ing, and treated their patients with respect and caring. Healing was a three - way agreement between healer, Goddess, and the person being healed, and healing was an active choice.
What was known by every ancient culture, every shaman, priestess, midwife, and healer is being rediscovered, used and appreciated again. And there is much to appreciate.
— A Women's Book of Healing, Diane Stein


Doula services are an ancient feature of the pregnancy and birth process. The Greek word, means 'servant,' and you might interpret that in contemporary use as 'attendant.' A doula provides physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual support during one of the most profound transitions in a person's life. As a doula, I attend to people ready to bring higher levels of consciousness to their physical, emotional, sexual, mental and spiritual wellness.

Having received my foundation training from Carriage House Birth in Brooklyn, NY, I continue to study bodywork and pelvic health through STREAM and the Institute for Somatic Sex Studies. It is my deep pleasure to be with people in creative and transformational processes. I bring the wisdom of my teachers,  yoga, Ayurveda and my own embodied experience to the table.

I consider myself an attendant to your needs and a reflection of your innate wisdom. My role is to remind you of the profound power of your body, mind and spirit as you become a mother, a father, a lover, a guardian, or other. I attend to all genders and expressions of birthing people, coupled and uncoupled, vaginal and cesarean births, VBACs, home births and adoptions. 

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Birth Doula Services:

Three pre-natal visits and three postpartum follow-ups in your home (the postpartum time is arguably the most important phase of our work together.)

On-call readiness for your labor beginning at 37 weeks

Comfort techniques, practical and logistical support (**Note, I am NOT a healthcare provider. I am not licensed or authorized to provide medical advice, exams or treatment.)


Ongoing in-home visits to facilitate:

- transition into new relationship dynamics (within the couple and with older siblings)

- transition to recovery-based nutritional needs 

- healing on the physical, emotional, mental levels


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"Stacey was a wonderful doula. My goal was to have a un-medicated vaginal birth. Before we even hired her, we knew a c-section was a possibility due to his breech presentation. As we got closer and closer, the baby was not turning around. We had to start preparing for a new plan. I was pretty upset at the thought of my plan going out the window, but Stacey really helped me regain my happiness towards my birth. She listened to my thoughts and coached me. This really helped me enjoy the process. We also discussed gentle cesarean aspects, which were all implemented. The knowledge I got from Stacey allowed me to get many of the aspects I craved including lots of skin to skin, nursing on the OR table, and the lowering of the screen so I was able to watch our baby being born. She was unable to be there with us during the birth but she came by post-partum and worked with my needs to provide me my own special post birth regimen. She is understanding and an amazing listener. Her openness and philosophy is amazing and perfect for the birthing experience." Robyn H

"My husband and I are very grateful that we had Stacey by our side during the birth of our second baby. For my first pregnancy, my husband and I took several birth classes in preparation for the delivery. However I labored in the hospital for over 2 days which was very exhausting and we were both very tired by the time our baby was born. So, for our second pregnancy we decided to have a doula. Stacey was an incredible help during my second delivery. She was able to help me stay focused on the progression of my labor during contractions and her counter pressure techniques helped to relieve a lot of the pain. She also placed me in different positions to help the labor progresses. I also really liked the aromatherapy. During delivery I had a hard time figuring out how to push and Stacey was able to help me figure out how to position myself to push effectively. I highly recommend Stacey as a doula, she has a very calming personality and she is in tune to needs of a pregnant woman." Roxanna L.

"When I met Stacey I knew instantly she was who I wanted for support. She has such a passion for how incredible the birthing process is and has a way of connecting with people. She makes you feel very relaxed and confident. She is always available to talk or answer a quick question and checks in regularly. When I was put on bedrest Stacey gave me good exercises I could do and helped me accept my new situation. When I went into labor things did not go as planned. I had a 3 day labor and Stacey was staying connected via text the entire time until it was time for her to come to the hospital. I had to be given pitocin and was having a very strong reaction to the medication and was not handling it well. Stacey was incredible throughout the whole process. When I didn’t think I could keep going she helped me stay grounded. She was a voice of reason, the perfect pressure on my back, a good relief for my husband, and so much more. She comes with so many different tools and is prepared for any situation. She gave just the right amount of support to help me go as long as possible without the epidural and was there for me without any judgment when I decided it was time. Stacey helped me feel supported and validated in that choice. When it was time to push the nurse shift change was happening. So for a while I was pushing just with Stacey and my husband. She was such a great coach. She helped talk me through how to push properly and made me feel confident that she was there with me. I don’t know if I could have pushed him out without her coaching. Once my baby was born Stacey took pictures for us to have and cherish forever. I will forever be thankful for Stacey. She was there through such an important time of my life and I couldn’t be happier with her. If you are even considering getting a doula you definitely need to talk to Stacey. You won’t regret it, it will be the best decision you can make for you, your husband, and your sweet little bundle!" Rachel V.

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