This lecture was part of my ongoing Embodied Meditation course at Yoga Collective.  Learn about the vagus nerve, movement practices and embodiment through the 4 Levels of Being.


This is a guided embodiment and Expressive Art Therapy practice from my  Immersion Program, Swan Dive.


This is a Vata-reducing asana sequence, perfect for combating emotional or mental fatigue during the holiday season.

Video by Lukrative Visual


Radha is the form of the Divine Feminine associated with longing and unconditional devotion. In spite of the disappointment she experiences in her love, she never falters. Radha becomes the energy of deep dedication to being with our own humanity, our deepest needs and our exquisite vulnerability.


Kali is the deity of unstoppable transformation. Her shakti says, NOW! She appears as the impending change to which all of nature is subject. Your internal fire is a form of Kali Shakti, the power to transform what is given into what is needed.


Guru Purnima is a celebration on the full moon of July, considered the "fullest full moon of the year." It is a day of honoring the Supreme Guru, the Self, and honoring those who shed light on our becoming.


Saraswati Devi is the Goddess of intellect, creativity, and flow. Her shakti invites us to look deeply into our embedded patterns of resistance in order to let our true desire flow from the heart.