Liberté, égalité, sensualité

Cycles persist as the primary law of nature. In Tantra, the dynamic motion of nature is attributed to the principle of the divine feminine. She is the lifeforce motivating all biological systems, growth, death and rebirth. From this perspective, living bodies are not designed to be static, and from a practical standpoint sensation is what keeps us in motion.

Sensing what repulses you is as necessary as sensing what pulls you. 

Reclaiming our body as sensual requires establishing an autonomy we may have never had, or softening the "lone wolf" mentality that arose from abandonment, abuse or neglect of any kind. Being told, directly or indirectly, that your truth- your pleasure, your desire, your pain- is untrue is the most dehumanizing of all abuses because it uproots our experience from our body, rendering the individual homeless. Untangling our pleasure from guilt can be the task of our lifetime, raised as we were in a culture of "do as your told," "stop worrying about it," "don't be so sensitive." To embody a new reality which places pleasure and freedom at the top of the list of human rights requires the union of dynamic power and subtle awareness.

In order to live from a place of embodied truth, a resonant sense of our Self in relationship to the world, we have to reconnect to pleasure. To live in pleasure, we must experience the body as our tuning fork, listening for the cues of YES and NO with acute sensitivity.

In her book "Eastern Body, Western Mind," Anodea Judith writes, "The senses are the gateway between the internal and external world. Sight, sound, touch, taste, smell give us a constantly changing inner matrix of the world around us. The complex combination of sensation and feeling gives us the emotional texture of experience. Senses, as the language of feeling, form the basis of our values. How we perceive something and how we feel about it determine our values. Without a sensual connection to what is around us we lose sense of values and distinctions."

If you can no longer feel yourself, you won't feel like yourself. If you do not feel like yourself, or free to be yourself, the world becomes an extremely threatening place. When the world is a threat, your neighbor becomes your enemy. When your neighbor becomes your enemy, everything falls apart.

As the darkness encroaches all around us, we must move forward, heeding the wisdom of the sensual body. As the forces of oppression intensify, recognize that push toward truth and liberation. Cut the shit this winter. Conquer your fear. Dive headlong into your deepest, darkest truth and empower the light within. Say YES to pleasure, tune into what is resonant, resist the belief that anything is static. Enjoy the dance.