this is what my body actually craves....

My physical body craving is contact.  I feel the need to feel my body, and when I don't (because my mind is excessively analyzing and doubting) I take matters into my own hands and binge eat or drink alcohol or engage sexually.  I have done this.  I probably will do this again at some point, but it doesn't have to be my default, and I am developing an arsenal of resources so that I can be in choice about this response.  I never have to feel shame or pain about my cravings again.  And I will never pass my cravings off as "problems" again.

On the Physical Body level we have sensation- the tremor and tenderness of flesh: muscle, bone and sinew.  We experience the bulk of our craving here, yet we respond to external cues/directives to guide our actions: what's popular? what's comparable? what seems acceptable?  

The only worthwhile litmus test for action is thepresent moment which is the physical body: I'm in pain, I feel weak, I feel weak and strong, I want to run, I am numb.

Here, in the body, is where we start the true journey inward- not to the next rest stop, but to our deepest core level of being.  It starts on the physical level and often starts as the tremor of unrest, dissatisfaction, craving.
The next time you feel this tremor ask yourself:  What do I need so that I can go deeper?  Strength?  Softness?  Mobility?  Stability?  Touch?  Release?

After a short movement practice yesterday morning, I wrote this to myself.  (*I encourage you to talk to your body.  She (or he) is just craving contact.*)

I care about my past, but I do not have to cling to my past...  Whatever information and experience I needed is in me, silently, and I make the choice to listen to what is now; where my body and my breath coexist, where my feet and my feelings touch the earth.  

I am right here, this is right now.