I am thrilled to welcome you to my domain, the space where healing happens in real time, in the real world, with real tools to help you navigate your body, mind and soul. I have been a student of yoga and other movement arts for over twenty years, and in that time I have encountered innumerable techniques for healing. I believe that healing is a creative practice, it requires willingness to be in experimentation, vulnerability and faith in ones self. These are often the qualities that my clients are seeking to restore.

I employ many techniques in my work in the spirit of harnessing the alchemical power of Eros as a healing force.

My primary teaching influence has been Hala Khouri, who introduced me to Somatic Experiencing. This technique was developed as an alternative/supplement to traditional talk therapy. Based on the fact that our nervous system and not our "thinking" brain run the show, SE puts us in touch with their felt sense of self and offers simple, sensation-based techniques to re-wire behavioral patterns and trauma to restore a sense of self. This technique, combined with the teachings of Tantra are the foundation of my teaching philosophy.

I am also a birth doula, an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach and soon-to-be Somatic Sex Educator. I am in the midst of STREAM training with Kimberly Johnson and Ellen Heed. This program is a 9-Month long school that trains people how to do hands-on, hands-in work for birth injuries, birth trauma, gynecological surgery recovery, sexual boundary repair, gender reassignment surgeries, and so much more! We focus on the integration of the four domains of health - bio-chemistry, bio-mechanics, scars and emotions. With these tools, I lead workshops, curate healing programs for women and couples, tend to families in the perinatal period and co-lead Svasta Yoga School, a full-spectrum yoga education program.


Please contact me for a free consultation to see if this work is for you, or find me around Houston for a workshop or class.